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My Journey with Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez & Anterior Hip Replacement

My hip had been hurting for at least three years and when I could not stand the pain any longer, I called my friend who had both knees replaced.  I witnessed her progress and saw that she was walking up and down the stairs at her home soon after her surgery.  I asked for her surgeon’s name and phone number.

It took me 12 weeks to get an appointment and another 12 for the surgery.  The time was well worth the wait!

Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez had x-rays and MRIs done on my hip, pelvis and chest.  She also made sure that all my doctors were up to speed on my surgery and could verify that I was fit for surgery.  I have an immune disorder, so she made sure I saw a hematologist who started me on blood infusions, increasing the odds of my good health for when the hip was replaced.  I’ve never had such a thorough surgeon.

What you should know:

  • Don’t read the internet. If you are having the same procedure I’m having, you will not need to buy all the things the internet recommends because you won’t have the limitations. Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez is amazing and my experience is nothing like what I read.
  • Marshall-Rodriguez has an incredible staff that will make sure everyone (hospital, anesthesiologist etc.) is on your insurance.
  • They will fit you with a walker at the hospital.
  • You will walk and be able to do stairs before you leave.
  • I was in hospital less than 24 hours.
  • All medication prescriptions will be given to you at your pre-op visit so you can have them filled for when you get home.
  • Use medications as prescribed.  I utilized a calendar to note what week or day I needed to start or stop each medication.
  • You can opt for in-home physical therapy (PT) or outside PT.  I suggest going to the clinic because they have all their equipment and are ready for you.  Take pain meds BEFORE PT.  
  • Marshall-Rodriguez will have sent orders to your preferred in-network PT.
  • You can shower when you get home from hospital.
  • Don’t touch the scar or glue.
  • Use the ice machine for swelling- especially after PT. (I borrowed mine).
  • Be able to sit in the shower for the first few times until you can stand on your own.  My shower has a bench seat which I put a towel on for grip.
  • You will only need your walker for about a week.  You then move to using a cane.
  • I’m a very anxious person and I had some minor concerns about two weeks after the surgery.  I called the office and they told me to text her the picture of my scar and my issue.  She texted me back and ask for more pictures!!!!!! I was perfectly fine, but she took the time to care for me.
  • Three weeks after surgery I was walking unaided.  NOT KIDDING.

Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez is a Christian.  You see this in everything she does, how she cares for you, her demeanor and how centered she is.  Right before surgery she came to me and wrote on my leg.  She then took my husband’s hand and joined my hand with hers and prayed with us before the surgery.  I cried.

I am thankful that God put her in my path.  My life is so different now.

No two people have the same experience, so please don’t take this as a promise of how your experience will be.  I just wanted to share my personal journey.  

My Journey with Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez & Anterior Hip Replacement