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Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez MD

  • I had total knee replacement on my left knee in mid-February. I just returned from three weeks in the UK, during which I walked 3-5 miles each day, including walks in the Scottish Highlands. No pain. Thank you, Dr. Marshall. - Donald N
  • My Journey with Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez & Anterior Hip Replacement

    My hip had been hurting for at least three years and when I could not stand the pain any longer, I called my friend who had both knees replaced.  I witnessed her progress and saw that she was walking up and down the stairs at her home soon after her surgery.  I asked for her surgeon’s name and phone number.

    It took me 12 weeks to get an appointment and another 12 for the surgery.  The time was well worth the wait!

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  • Dr Marshall did both my knees and the experience was great. We travelled from Lubbock to San Antonio. Labs on Monday, surgery on Tues and drove back to Lubbock on Thursday. My home therapy Rehab Nurse came on Monday and was amazed. I was off pain pills completely after 3 days and driving after 1 week (would have been sooner except my husband insisted I wait).
    I have referred my sister-in-law, husbands friend, colleague from work and others. I have no hesitation about she is the best. - Cathy C
  • Dr Amanda Marshall Rodriguez is absolutely amazing. I don't understand why there is only 1 review. She had to re-do a TKR I had in 2015 from another surgeon in a different medical group, was willing to take my case and my life has all changed for the better once again. I highly recommend her, great bedside manner, friendly staff, and every great adjective out there to describe her. Love her. - D Medellin
  • Recently had surgery from Dr. Marshall. Her technique is fantastic. I was nervous going through the procedure, and she was absolutely great. I was up and about, with minimal pain, nearly immediately. Moving about and back to work in just three-plus weeks. In addition, she is one of the most personable physicians I have ever known, and very genuine. I could not be happier with the outcome. Thank you, Dr. Marshall. - Liberty H
  • Dr. Marshall has performed a total hip replacement and a revision total hip replacement on me. Outstanding surgeon! - Annie M
  • My circumstances was different then she detail with before. I have A total knee replacement Feb 1, 2016. I still have problems. My doctor is gone. She took me on and was grateful. - San A
  • Dr Marshall is great! I had total knee replacement in January, 2017 and left the hospital without a walker or a cane. She spent time explaining everything that would take place and I felt very sure I had picked the right doctor for my surgery. All the hand out and instructions that I was given answered any questions I had. In 6 six weeks I am mostly pain free and walking like I use too! I would do it again without any hesitation. I recommend her and her office staff very highly! - Kim, Patient
  • I met Dr. Marshall in an emergency room after being transported by EMS. I had fallen and broken my hip. God was surely on my side when she was the orthopedist on call that night. I have now had a seven-year relationship with her following her into her new practice. - Aug. 20, 2015, Self-Verified Patient
  • Dr Marshall was excellent in every way! My knee was in a terrible shape. I have had NO problems and have recommended her to many, many people even though I have to drive 300+ miles to see her! - Sept. 25, 2015, Self-Verified Patient
  • I was very expressed with Dr. Marshall, I had some problems, but they were mine because of ear infection, etc., I was cancelled several times, because she was cautious. I was very comfortable with her, she is excellent, she has patients is trying to do the best she can. Her office was on top of my medical problems, I was the problem patient. My knee surgery went extremely well!!!!! EXERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO DR. MARSHALL.... - May 6, 2013, Self-Verified Patient

Jamie L. Lynch, M.D.

  • I really trust Dr Lynch, she really listen to me and cares about me and my health. She us not quick about surgery until she knows for sure that is what is best for me. - Miriam H
  • Hi Dr. Lynch, I just wanted to thank you all for seeing me on 11/13. I came to see you after missing one week of work, in severe pain and walking on crutches. You did an awesome job in diagnosing the problem. After the draining I was actually scared to stand on it but she encouraged me to and I was able to stand. I was going to miss my son's first playoff game that night due to being on the crutches. By 4:00 in the afternoon I was able to walk on it. I was SOOOO happy that I could attend the game. (FYI, La Vernia won 60-20 and we are moving on.) I just had to write and wanted to tell you how happy I am, and I feel so grateful for you helping me! Thank you, Christine Aguirre for being so kind, all the help you did and are doing as well. Thanks again! - Darrin S
  • Dr. Lynch is one of the best doctors I have seen in my life willing to educate the patient on their issue and very caring. She follows up with you and her staff is very pleasant and caring. I would recommend her to anyone especially for any sports injuries. Thank you, Dr. Lynch and Northeast orthopaedics staff. - Brittney F
  • Really happy to have a female ortho doctor Dr. Lynch is great The staff was wonderful Well Done! Healing is an effort Y'all are awesome! Really like Dr. Lynch & Staff

Naomi N. Shields, M.D.

  • Dr. Shields skills and knowledge significantly improved my quality of life. I had been in almost constant ankle pain for years. I finally decided I needed to end the pain.
    After the ankle fusion and the recovery period, I am essentially pain free in my ankle.
    Thank you Dr. Shields.
    - Philip H
  • Very nice and informative. Would definitely recommend. - Amy T in Lawrence, KS - Oct 27, 2017
  • Dr. Shields is amazing! My son broke his ankle and she performed his surgery. A different doctor was telling us he definitely needed surgery but after getting a second opinion from her, she had mentioned she would try and fix it without surgery. She got us in right away and with short notice. She was able to fix his foot without surgery which we are so thankful for. She has great bedside manner and explained everything that was going to happen. I would highly recommend her! - El D, KS - Apr 15, 2017
  • She took my husband as a new patient when diagnosed with Charcot foot. She explained the history and discovery of this to us in our first visit. she is very personable and patient. She is amazing. - Valley C, KS - Jan 04, 2017
  • I have been seeing Dr. Shields for over 10 years and absolutely love her. She is on the leading edge, takes time to discuss diagnosis, options for treatment and gives her opinion without fluff. I respect her and her staff as they have been totally professional and responsive when needed. I have required 3 arthroscopy surgeries on my knees and I have been totally satisfied with the results. Dr. Shields values our discussion regarding treatment and is thoughtful before considering surgery. - Russ E in Wichita, KS - Dec 05, 2016
  • Very knowledgeable doctor. - Stuart B in Great Bend, KS - Oct 24, 2016