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At TruOrtho, we strive to provide the highest level of concierge orthopaedic care in a relaxing and engaging environment. We use advanced technology to ensure our patients have access to the most innovative treatments available, while still providing a personalized experience. Our team is committed to remaining industry leaders in treatment options, efficiency and patient outcomes so that our patients can achieve award-winning results with a spectacular experience.

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TruOrtho Orthopaedics

By Amy Morgan

Pain. Whether the chronic throb of joint deterioration or the shooting stab caused by a break or tear, pain catalyzes change. The injury may have built over time or originated suddenly, but when you or your loved one’s pain reaches the tipping point, you need help –NOW.

The team at TruOrtho, an all-female orthopaedic surgery practice in Stone Oak, stands ready to create a solution to your bone or joint problem. Three highly skilled, orthopaedic surgeons with a combined total of 50 years of experience specialize in fixing hurting feet, ankles, knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez founded TruOrtho in 2018. She was quickly joined by Dr. Naomi Shields and Dr. Jamie Lynch. The three like-minded female physicians are the only all-woman, fellowship trained, orthopaedic surgery practice in the nation.

The name TruOrtho reflects the nature of their work to make damaged bones and joints right, straight and true once again. The three have created a practice that reflects their commitment to holistic patient care. They stressed they are concerned about each patient’s well-being, not just their diagnosis. The doctors take time to evaluate each patient’s unique situation to create the best treatment solution. “We see the patient as a whole,” Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez said. “They are not just an arthritic knee. We are worried about their overall bone health, underlying medical condition, family impact, and their social support system, instead of just that problem and that problem only.”

As fellowship trained specialists, each doctor is willing and able to address a patient’s physical needs surgically, but that is not their first and only option. Dr. Lynch has developed close relationships with physical therapists and Airrosti providers to ensure her patients, many of whom are athletes, are able to achieve best outcomes and get back to doing the things they love.


Patient care is of utmost importance to every member of TruOrtho’s professional team. The physicians listen, understand the problem and develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. They consider pre- and post-operative therapies and treatments, address recovery expectations and answer every question before concluding an office visit. “We love teaching,” said Dr. Shields. “You are not just an ankle fracture. We get the details. We want to know who you are, what are your goals, what you want to do. It takes time do that.” “We strive to remain industry leaders in treatment options, efficiency and patient outcomes so our patients can achieve award-winning results while having a spectacular experience.”

The personal touch begins in the waiting room, which is decorated attractively and even includes an espresso bar. No mismatched chairs and sterile colors here, artifacts collected by the doctors on their many medical mission trips across the world add warmth and personality. 

TruOrtho’s staff extends the experience. Many have followed the doctors from previous practices. Dr. Lynch mentioned they kept every staff member employed even when elective surgeries ceased during the height of COVID. Communication remains an area where the physicians at TruOrtho stand above the rest. Calls to TruOrtho are answered and returned promptly. The physicians innovate to do what’s best for the patient.

They’ll even operate together simultaneously. Dr. Shields recently performed a bunion surgery on a patient while Dr. Lynch fixed the shoulder. The benefit to the patient: one anesthesia, one hospital stay, one recovery. “We want you to have the best outcome possible. We are a team when it comes to fixing your problem. That’s how the three of us approach things,” Dr. Shields said. “That’s why we work so well together.”

Meet The TruOrtho Team

TruOrtho Team
Our Staff
Rebecca E. Villarreal, PA-C


Physician Assistant to

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez

Leslie TruOrtho Clinical Director


Clinical Director



Physician Assistant to

Dr. Jamie L. Lynch

Marie N. 002.png


Medical Assistant to

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez

Zuliaka TruOrtho


Medical Assistant to

Dr. Jamie L. Lynch



Clinical Coordinator to

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez



TruOrtho Clinical

X-Ray Technician

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