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Jeannie's Journey: From Knee Surgery to Champion Rider

eannie Webb riding her colt after knee surgery, showcasing the success of her recovery journey.
Jeannie Webb riding her award-winning colt at the American Paint Horse World Championships.

Jeannie Webb's remarkable journey exemplifies the life-changing impact of knee surgery. After undergoing total knee surgery in May 2023, Jeannie's determination and commitment to recovery were nothing short of inspiring. Opting for a tissue-sparing procedure, she quickly progressed, bidding farewell to her walker within a week and diligently attending physical therapy sessions.

Just six weeks post-surgery, Jeannie defied expectations by attending the American Paint Horse World Championships in Ft. Worth. To her delight, she not only watched her new colt compete but also mounted him to accept his Top 10 awards in two events.

Returning home in July, Jeannie wasted no time in pursuing her passion for riding. With dedication and determination, she and her colt practiced daily, forming a strong bond. Their hard work paid off when they entered their first show together, emerging as champions in the Ranch Riding category.

Jeannie's heartfelt gratitude extends to Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez and her team at TruOrtho. "Thank you, Dr. Marshall, for all your encouragement and support," she says. Their expertise not only restored Jeannie's mobility but empowered her to pursue her dreams with newfound confidence.

Congratulations to Jeannie on her remarkable achievement! Her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and exceptional orthopaedic care. Thank you, Jeannie, for sharing your inspiring story of success with us all!

For those seeking transformative orthopaedic care, TruOrtho stands as a beacon of hope and healing. To embark on your own journey of transformation, visit TruOrtho or contact us today at 210-878-4116.


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